Why to Choose Safety Goggles Over Safety Glasses!!!

Safety glasses can provide a great protection to your eyes, but they have few limitations as well. Small gaps in safety glasses can make your eyes vulnerable to hazards, especially to dust and liquids. Even the glasses that have wraparound lenses are not able to provide a good protection to your eyes. But, this is not true in the case of safety goggles.


When you get in contact with airborne dust, splash hazards, and flying debris, then safety goggles can offer you better security as compared to the safety glasses. Safety goggles are able to provide you the protection of 360 degree due to form-fitting facial seal which is not possible with safety goggles.

Safety goggle is the best option when you are involved in tasks like metal grinding, chemical exposure as all of these situations have a very high probability of damaging your eyes. Only the eye safety goggles can protect you against all these potential hazards.

 Reasons you should go for safety goggles

First of all, it is very necessary for you to evaluate the potential eye hazards of your workplace, so that you can choose the best eye safety equipment for your eyes. You need to wear safety goggles if the following risks are there in your work premises

  • Risk of caustic vapors.
  • Presence of Airborne dust particles
  • Blunt impacts and high-velocity debris.
  • Presence of airborne droplets and splashing liquids.

So, if any of these potential hazards are present at your work premises, then purchase eye protection goggles today. You can buy the best range in a very affordable range at Toolfreak. For more information, read our all blogs.

Types Of Eye Safety Equipment!!!

When an industrial worker is at work, then various hazards could appear that might harm or even damage the eyes. Here, we are going to talk about types of safety protective eyewear that a worker must have:

  1. General safety glasses: These glasses have side shields and wraps the sides. They could even have a one-piece lens. They offer a minimum level of protection to the eyes and they are required to be worn all the time in the work area. They couldn’t protect the eyes from splashes .
  2. Laser safety glass: you can select them as per the laser wavelength and power and their protective features are printed on them only. But, in comparison to the laser safety goggles, they aren’t as effective.
  3. Chemical splash goggles: they are recommended to be worn when there is going to be any splash of chemicals or debris while drilling. They even have ventilation holes that could protect the user from any type of dust from getting stuck.
  4. Impact goggles: they provide complete protection from flying debris and saves the person from any impact of any chemical reaction or industrial work going on.
  5. Face shields: this type of safety protective eye wear is required when chemicals that can cause any immediate skin damage are being used, like concentrated acids, sonicating tissue samples and dispensing liquid nitrogen.

So, these were the types of safety protective eye wear that you would need while working. But, just imagine if there is an eye safety wear that could provide all in one kind of treatment, yes such eye wear is available at ToolFreak.

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